Ohio Social Studies Resource Center
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General Information

What is the Ohio Social Studies Resource Center [OSSRC]?

The Ohio Social Studies Resource Center [OSSRC], is a collaborative effort of eleven partnering agencies, funded by a grant from the Ohio Board of Regents, and supported in-kind by the Ohio Historical Society. The OSSRC will:

  • Identify and disseminate effective instructional and professional development resources and best practices to schools, school districts, and higher education institutions;
  • Foster an integrated educational research and development capacity through a collaborative approach with Ohios schools, school districts, and colleges and universities involved in teacher preparation.

What services and resources does the OSSRC provide for Ohio educators?

The OSSRC provides links to peer-reviewed instructional resources that have been identified by a review board of Ohio educators as exemplifying best or promising practices. Available resources also include content and professional resources as well as assessment and general education resources that will support the work of Pre K  16 classroom teachers and higher education faculty members. The resources are correlated with the Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards.

Where is the OSSRC located?

The administrative site of the OSSRC is located at the:

Ohio Historical Center
1982 Velma Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43211-2497

How does the OSSRC work?

The eleven partnering agencies provide guidance, direction and content specific contributions in the social studies standards areas of History, People in Societies, Geography, Economics, Government, Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities, and Social Studies Skills and Methods. The OSSRC operates primarily as a virtual best practice center, with working groups drawn from faculty at Ohios colleges and universities in cooperation with schools and school districts across the state. The OSSRC resources are available via the world wide web and are coordinated with other state and regional efforts to improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness in Pre K -- 16 social studies. The website is organized around the Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards.

The role of the OSSRC is to identify best practices, and then disseminate this information to a wide variety of user audiences. The OSSRC convenes statewide review boards for the purpose of identifying best: teaching practices, instructional resources and assessment items. These are then electronically disseminated via the OSSRC web site in support of standards based educational practices in Ohios schools. The peer review process insures the validity and reliability of each item for its intended purpose. The OSSRC also makes important contributions to the knowledge base of public and private stakeholders of education and to the expansion of the knowledge and databases for informing educational policy.




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