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Who We Are

The Ohio Social Studies Resource Center is on online resource for best teaching practices, content resources, and assessment items that align with and support Ohio's Social Studies Academic Content Standards.

Review Board

One of the key operational guidelines of the Ohio Social Studies Resource Center in recommending Instructional Resources is that each resource must be peer reviewed prior to posting on the web site. By applying the OSSRC Rubric, Review Board members verify the each resource is in alignment with the Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards, contains strong Quality and Usability measures, and possesses other additional considerations such as reflecting high expectations for all students for acquiring and applying knowledge.

The work of the Review Board is fundamental to accomplishing the mission of the OSSRC. This spring we will be forming the first statewide Review Board for the purpose of identifying instructional resources focusing on the Ohio Graduation Test.

Selection of Review Board members will begin in the near future. We will need Review Board members for all seven standards in grades 9 10 who will work this spring toward identifying and recommending resources for use by classroom teachers in Ohio to prepare students for the OGT. You can apply yourself or recommend someone to serve on the Review Board.

You can find out more about the specific Review Board Member Guidelines for serving on the Review Board and submit a Review Board Member Application.

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OSSRC Resource Types

Instructional Resources
Lesson plans that have been reviewed by the Review Board Members to ensure that they meet the criteria established by the OSSRC Rubric for Best Practices. These materials can be used as is by classroom teachers.
  • Best Practice instructional resources have received favorable peer reviews, high ratings based on alignment to the Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards, evidence of research, quality and usability.
  • Promising Practice instructional resources reflect widely known and generally accepted research bases, or are emerging strategies that indicate potential for becoming a best practice.
Professional resources
Support professional knowledge and development of Best Practices and effective classroom instruction. Professional resources may include national standards, research articles, policy documents, and books published online.
Content resources
Provide support for implementation of best practices and effective classroom instruction. Content resources include data sets, digital images, reference materials, tutorials and applets.
Assessment resources
Measurement items or tasks correlated to the Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards. Data about student performance are included when available.
General education resources
Not specific to the content areas of social studies, but have been deemed appropriate for inclusion in an educational database designed to support effective educational practice.
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